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Main Objectives

Main Objectivesof Australia Morocco Business Council

To provide mutual understanding, goodwill, and business enhancement services amongst the Moroccan and Australian business communities;
To provide a forum to exchange ideas, experience and information, develop contacts and facilitate interaction with companies and individuals interested in enhancing trade and investment between Morocco and Australia;

To identify and inform members and other stakeholders of appropriate sources of information relating to trade and investment opportunities, practices and regulations in Morocco and Australia;
To support business interest in both Morocco and Australia, by providing information, advice, missions, and where necessary a vehicle for representations/submissions to appropriate bodies;
To advocate for the establishment of formal trade facilitation vehicles between the two countries including trade agreements;

Main Objectivesof Australia Morocco Business Council

To co-operate and work closely with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) as to support the council’s key activities and objectives;

To co-operate with the Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry - AACCI;

To co-operate with the business development offices of States Governments of Australia;

To co-operate closely with the Australian Ambassador and Australian embassy staff in order to advance business interests, increase business access and become one of the key interlocutors and advocates for relevant business issues and negotiations;

To co-operate with the Moroccan Ambassador in Canberra;

To use the council as a platform and a gateway to developing Australian business and opportunities in Africa and more specifically western Africa.

Key Activities

Key Activities

Business links and trade missions

The AMBC can facilitate interaction with delegations from Australian businesses or Moroccan businesses and Government bodies. AMBC can organise events and seminars in conjunction with trade missions between Morocco, Australia and CEDEAO or equivalent groups in the greater region. AMBC can organise targeted missions for its members in Australia and in Morocco.


The AMBC can provide high level representation and access to the Moroccan and Australian Governments and their respective officials on key issues. AMBC can assist its members with issues impacting their businesses.

Key Activities

Information resources

The AMBC will be a key resource for members seeking information on the latest updates affecting businesses and investments in Australia and Morocco as well as parts of Africa.

Communication, PR and friendship events

The AMBC will produce a periodic publication.
AMBC can disseminate information and represent member’s views via extensive media linkages.
The council can work closely with key sponsors and stakeholders in participating and/or organizing events outside of the business area (such sports or cultural) in order to promote friendship between Australia and Morocco and their respective business communities.

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